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Top Property Shop / Glendale AZ Real Estate Brokerage

The benefit with working with Top Property Shop is we Encourage you and Challenge you to grow personally and your business. We will give you the Confidence to run your business like a business.

topPropertyShopLogo300wIf you are thinking about making a move to another Real Estate Brokerage, ask yourself a question; How has my current brokerage helped me grow my business?  If it’s difficult to come up with several answers, it is time to make that move.  Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned professional, we will help you grow your business.  We will not hire just any agent.  We are looking for world-class agents who fit in and understand our dreams and goals. Top Property Shop will answer your real estate careers question.

We have funOne of the most important aspects of our culture is that we don’t compete with each other.  In our office meetings you will not hear us talk about the “top-producing agent”.  We are ALL here to help each other excel and grow.  And we have fun doing it!

One of the benefits of joining Top Property Shop,  is that we will help you bring your business to the next level by showing you how to use the Internet to drive business to YOU, not to the brokerage. We understand what the future of real estate is, and it’s online. Top Property Shop / Glendale AZ real estate brokerage.

  1.  Encourage; To Hit Your Goals
  2.  Challenge; You To Grow Your Business And Yourself
  3.  Confidence; With Your Clients

Here is what our agents had to say

“As a newly licensed agent I was looking for a company that embraced its agents.  Top Property Shop provided me with a mentor to help me get started and taught me the many different aspects of the business.  The technology that Top Property Shop offers is second to none and has been vital to my business.  I couldn’t imagine working for any other brokerage.” Jill G

“Mike is a very warm person and I “feel at home” with him. He’s ethical and has high morals. He always has time for me. One day he spent six hours with me getting my computer up and running. As a new real estate agent, It’s nice to know I can always count on him.” Betty F

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